Suggestion 1: Move your 2.4 GHz router to maximize effectiveness

Where you place your router has a lot to do with how it performs. When placing a router, consider putting it:

  • Closer to your Hot Tub in the Home

  • On a top floor. Radio waves best travel down and laterally.

  • Off the floor, ideally on a wall mount or high shelf.

  • As far as possible from your neighbor's WiFi router (which, of course, you've made sure is using a different channel).

  • Away from cordless phones and microwaves, which operate on the same 2.4-GHz frequency. (There are some cordless phones that are WiFi friendly).

  • Away from power cords, computer wires, microwaves, baby monitors, and halogen lamps. These wires and waves can interfere with radio reception.


Wifi Router Placement.png